Architecture & Construction


We are based in Los Angeles providing Architectural and Construction Services for residential and commercial projects in Southern California.



We believe nature is what we have to preserve as a priority in architecture planning. Protection of ecosystems and environmental biodiversity. Improvement of air and water quality.


Architectural Design is planning, designing and devising buildings that are functional, aesthetical and durable. Good Architectural Designs tend to be identified as timeless artifacts.



We offer Construction services under our general contractor license. We believe supervision of the construction is very important in order to achieve the best result on time.

Multi family residence

Single family residence





Giving back to the nature

Preserving nature for future generations is one of our primary tasks as a society. Guided with sustainable development, we donate a part of our profit to international agencies focusing in reconstruct forests.

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“Working with Salvador fulfilled all our expectations. We wanted an architect who will listen to our ideas and wishes regarding the garden, and the large kitchen, but also we wanted his opinion and he really augmented some ideas very well, so we listened to him a now we have a beautiful functional home.”

Patrick Thompson

“We decided to add a small apartment to our property, for renting purposes, through the ADU project model. Salvador was ready to answer all questions we had and proposed the best solution for obtaining the balanced space and structure of our property, and we even have now a new yard and garden design that is much more usable than the previous one. Many thanks and a big recommendation.”

Tina Willander

“Salvador jumped in when the other architect canceled due to “technical reasons”. Our new architect reviewed the constructional structure and proposed new solutions, which were better, and eco-friendly! This really surprised us how different approaches can give you even better results! Thanks!”

Mike & Donna